Edana has an extensive background in piano pedagogy. She is bilingual and teaches in both French and English. Since 2012, Edana has distinguished herself as a sought after teacher. As a Master of Music student at the University of Ottawa, she oversaw and instructed students minoring in piano, and taught piano proficiency. She has also worked in the Piano Pedagogy Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa.

As a full-time piano instructor, Edana brings her experience to each and every lesson and passionately instructs students of all ages.

Edana Higham is currently accepting new students to her studio.

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I appreciate the dedication you put into each of my lessons and the attention to detail you provided in helping me polish my jury, exam, and audition pieces. You consistently challenged me and gave me concrete practice strategies so that my goals were attainable. Overall, I feel as though I’ve grown into an increasingly aware and disciplined pianist. A greater focus on listening and memory have made my performances more secure and relaxed as well. Of equal importance, learning piano this year has been a lot of fun!
— Piano Minor Student at the University of Ottawa
I highly recommend Edana Higham as a piano teacher. Her work with piano minor students at the University of Ottawa always yielded excellent results.
— Andrew Tunis (Professor, Coordinator of the Piano Sector, University of Ottawa)